Nature and the sea are raw materials for Rhode Island artworks

Rhode Island calls itself the Ocean State and it makes good on that bit of braggadocio. Glorious views of surf, arcing bridges, rocky shores and cupcake islands are alive and vibrant, as are artists’ depictions of the surroundings. Rhode Island hosts serve this artwork up proudly at many lodgings, where guests, including children, are encouraged to explore the art and learn about how artists bright it into being from nature’s raw material on all sides. Feel free to ask questions; we love our artworks.

Lodgings with Art in Rhode Island
Lounge Art - Ocean House Resort - Watch Hill, RI
Ocean House Resort

1 Bluff Avenue Watch Hill, RI, 02891 Phone: Toll-Free: 877-346-9442

Art is at the heart of this charming Watch Hill resort

It is no exaggeration to say that a stay at the Ocean House will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with art. And artists. Seasonal exhibitions feature the work of local artists. Then, those same artists are invited to paint on the spacious grounds (a work of art in itself) of the hotel during summer weekends. While enjoying wine and cheese, guests can talk to the artists about their work. Even more personal is the opportunity to talk to the resort’s artisan in residence. The Ocean House also features a tour of its permanent collection of 250 works and offers private watercolor lessons as well as “cork and canvas” events where guests can create art while enjoying wine.

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