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Block Island offers wonderful places to get out in nature settings

Rodman Hollow  trail on Block Island-credit-credit-RI Commerce Corp
Rodman's Hollow

Black Rock Road Block Island (New Shoreham), RI, 02807 Phone: 401-446-2129

This 230-acre glacial outwash basin, located in the southwest part of the island, is considered the birthplace of conservation on Block Island. Walk down Black Rock Road off of Cooneymus Road. About 0.25 miles down on your left, you will see a wooden gate and turnstile marking the trail entrance. Bear left, where the trail splits to traverse the bottom of the Hollow (where you can also access a trail leading to Fresh Pond); bear right to ascend a knoll with a wonderful panoramic vista. The trails intersect again to return to Black Rock Road. If you turn left and continue down the road, you can access the beach via a trail down the bluff.
Directions: Turn onto Walk down off of Cooneymus Road. About 0.25 miles down on the left there is a turnstile at the head of the trail. The trail soon splits. Bear left to traverse the bottom of the Hollow; walk right to ascend a hill with a giant vista.
Information: https://www.nature.org/en-us/get-involved/how-to-help/places-we-protect/rodmans-hollow/
Greenway Trails of Block Island with the Block Island Nature Conservancy

Office at 352 High Street Block Island, RI Phone: 401-466-2129

Formed by glaciers nearly 10,000 years ago, Block Island features a diverse array of habitats. Maritime shrubland, beaches and open morainal grasslands support more than 40 state and federal rare or endangered species, including the globally endangered American burying beetle. Birds stop here while migrating in the spring and fall along the Atlantic Flyway. There are approximately 25 miles of walking trails on Block Island open to the public, free of charge. Places of interest on Block Island include Clay Head Preserve off Corn Neck Road, the Fresh Swamp Preserve, off Lakeside Drive, Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve, off Corn Neck Road, Nathan Mott Park off Center Road and Turnip Farm off Old Mill Road, and Rodman's Hollow, Black Rock Road off of Cooneymus Road. Information: http://bit.ly/FPYM3m
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