Aerial View at Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island, RI

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Great Things to Do in Block Island, RI

Beaches and bluffs and glorious water views

Here’s the lowdown on Block Island, located 12 miles off Rhode Island’s southern shore: beautiful, uncluttered, and free of commercialism, it is the place in the Ocean State that Rhode Islanders escape to in search of New England beauty, and they never, ever tire of it. Ferries leave from the fishing port of Point Judith on the mainland, and the ferry trip itself is a lark, especially during departure and docking, when passengers on the uppermost deck can watch fishermen and other seamen bustle around down below. Cars and bikes can travel on the ferry, but being without your own vehicle after your touch down on the island is really no problem: you can easily enjoy the shops and restaurants of Old Harbor on foot, or rent a bicycle or moped or taxi ride to get to the outlying beaches and spectacular bluffs. Its rolling green hills, many small ponds, and dramatic bluffs are said to be reminiscent of Ireland, and the bluffs are spectacular. Block Island has a number of beaches that are good for a full day of sun and surf and beautiful vistas.
The Block island Nature Conservancy operates a large trail system on the island, offering walking and hiking paths through various types of terrain. The island has two lighthouses, each with a distinctive appearance and character. Block Island Southeast Light (1875) perches atop Mohegan Bluffs. It has a small museum and gift shop and the tower is open for tours in the summer. Block Island North Light (1868), on Sandy Point, is at about water level and visitors need to hike across the sandy beach at least 20 minutes to reach it from the parking area. This lighthouse also has a small museum. For the kids, Abrams Animal Farm and the Lewis-Dickens Farm are fun stops.

Great Things to Do in Block Island, RI