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Find great and fun things to do in Block Island

Bring your car, bike or walking shoes to this spectacular island getaway. Guided bike cruises take you on rural roads that open to breathtaking vistas. Beginner and experienced surfers will find instructors and rolling waves. Enjoy quiet walks and hikes on a large trail system through varying terrain. Stop by the Southeast Lighthouse, perched atop Mohegan Bluffs. The Abrams Animal Farm offers exotic animals like camels, llamas, fainting goats and emus. Atop the bluffs are coastal grasslands, habitat for birds of prey and migrating bird species. Rest your limbs in the evening at a luscious resort.
block island ferry
Block Island Ferry Wind Farm Tours

Block Island Wind Farm, the country’s first offshore wind farm, is only 3 miles off the coast of Block Island. You have a chance to see it up close and learn about it from a guide and wind farm enthusiast during a narrated cruise on the Block Island Ferry. The farm’s giant turbines reach more than 600 feet above sea level, and use the power of offshore winds to create enough energy to provide power about 17,000 homes. The ferry leaves Old Harbor every Wednesday at 3:45 p.m. for a one-hour tour. There are air conditioned cabins and ample views from an upper deck. Adults, $25; kids 5 to 11, $15. Reserve online 866-783-7996. Tour dates in summer 2018 are June 13 to August 29. No tour on July 4.
The Block Island Conservancy Education Center
Natural History Lessons on Block Island

Got kids? Got a rainy day on your hands? The Block Island Conservancy Education Center at 234 Weldon’s Way on Block island is a place for all family members to learn about the island’s natural features in a place of active fun. Scavenger hunt (earn a badge), craft and learning stations let kids learn about constellations, and the land and waters of Block Island. Usually open 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the high season; call ahead at 401-466-3111.
Maze and Clayhead Preserve off Corn Neck Road in Block Island
A Quiet and Beautiful Walk on Block Island

Maze and Clayhead Preserve off Corn Neck Road in Block Island is secluded spot to take in the peace and quiet of nature on the island. The preserve is 190 acres of walks and rambles where you can see some of the most spectacular scenery on the island. Within the preserve is a sandy beach that’s off the beaten path enough to be almost deserted. You can walk along picturesque bluffs or wander a series of interconnected, unmarked paths. During the fall, the maze is one of the best spots on the continent to see migratory songbirds. To reach the trail, look for a post marker on the right side of Corn Neck Road, about 3 miles from town and across from a big yellow farm house. Turn right down the dirt road and go straight for one-third of a mile until you reach a parking area.
Sacred Labyrinth on Block Island
Sacred Labyrinth on Block Island

Off Corn Neck Road on Block Island is a labyrinth of paths lined by stones, with a beautiful view of the North Light and Sachem Pond. The labyrinth, unlike a maze, is a single winding path that leads to the center point and back out. Walking the labyrinth is a universal ritual that has survived unchanged for thousands of years. People report that labyrinths can heal body and soul. It's on the west side of the road, just a little bit south of Sachem Pond. Look for wooden steps over the stone wall.
Block Island Ferry - 866.783.7996 - Click Here to Sail Away!
horseback riding on block Island
Canter on the Beach

Sunset horseback rides on the beach? Are we in Hollywood? On your Block Island vacation, check out Rustic Rides Farm at 1173 West Side Road, which offers guided trail rides through this more-rural and less-inhabited side of the island. Trail rides pass through Rodman's Hollow Nature Preserve. Beach rides, including a glorious sunset ride every evening, take you to alongside the surf of Dory's Cove, a lovely westward-facing beach. An unusual getaway on this water-loving island. 401-466-5060.
Yellow Kittens Tavern on Block Island
Make Yourself at Home at Yellow Kittens Tavern

When people go on vacation and say they really want to mix with the local folk, the Yellow Kittens Tavern – in this case on Block Island – is the very place they are talking about. Yellow Kittens has been a watering hole on Corn Neck Road since 1876. Obviously, it is doing something right. Clme for the drinks, dancing, chat, people-watching and general, all-around feel-good summer vibe. From 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Yellow Kittens serves tasty Mexican food and legendary frozen margaritas! on the outside deck. Later in the evenings, the live music kicks in and the dance floor gets crowded. Don’t miss it!
Southeast Lighthouse,on Block Island
Light Atop the Bluffs

Please don't miss this Block Island icon. That is, Southeast Lighthouse, perched atop the Mohegan Bluffs, which rise abruptly to a height of about 200 feet above the sea and stretch for nearly three miles along the southern shore. The lighthouse was moved from the edge of the bluffs in 1993 as natural forces eroded the bluffs closer to the structure. You can go into the lighthouse in July and August. A short distance west of the lighthouse along the Mohegan Trail is the top of a chain of stairs built into the side of the bluff, leading to the beach far below. If you are fit to climb lots of stairs and are looking for a fun thing to do outdoors, the hike to the beach is fantastic. Phone: 401-466-5009