Providence/Warwick has plenty of boat ramps for motor boating and paddling

Olney Pond at Lincoln Woods State Park

Lincoln Woods State Park off Les Pawson Loop Lincoln, RI Phone:

This ramp is concrete set into the gravel lake floor. It is for launching boats from trailers, but it may be used for canoes and kayaks. Hand-carried boats may be launched a several places on the pond; the best location is on the east side. There is a kayaking school near this location. This area is stocked with trout several times throughout the year. There is a 10 H.P. limit on all outboard motors used on the pond. No motors at all are allowed on holidays and weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Hours: Year-round; sunrise to sunset
Parking: M/b> A lot has 50 spaces; no overnight parking
Goddard Memorial State Park

345 Ives Road Warwick, RI, 02818 Phone: 401-884-2010

Bayside park for walking, picnics, games, swimming, horseback riding

This park has a concrete planks ramp at the west end of the park near the beach. Boats may be launched only at high tide. Lots of parking for trailers. See full description of Goddard Memorial Staste park.